WATCH – Viral Video Exposes the TRUTH About What Hillary Did to People In Haiti, It’s SICK

Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton out on her faux dedication to Haiti during the final presidential debate. Now, we are learning why the residents of this island country, so often hit by weather disasters, loathe the Clintons.

“We have every reason to be mad. The Clintons have destroyed Haiti for decades, and, you know, they pretend to be our friends,” said a Haitian man who was talking to We Are Change reporter Luke Rudkowski.

Allegations about pay-to-play for lucrative contracts to help Haiti rebuild are now being levied at both the State Department and the Clinton Foundation. Only a small fraction of donations to the charitable organization allegedly reached the distressed island nation.

“In reality, they [Bill and Hillary Clinton] are our number one enemy,” the same Haitian man continued in the interview. He went on to say the Clintons are more “dangerous” than any other enemies Haiti faces because the Clintons offer a disingenuous public friendship to the nation.

The Clinton Foundation allegedly gave $6 billion to earthquake relief efforts, but local residents seem to feel the funds, at least the bulk of the money, were never used for its intended purpose. “People are still living under tents,” the man said to illustrate his point.

After the 2010 earthquake, the State Department allegedly gave special attention to FOB:  “Friends of Bill.” As the secretary of state, Hillary Clinton sent emails from FOB to senior officials at the federal agency as she was coordinating the American aid response to the earthquake. The offers to supply aid (i.e. government contracts for the work needing to be done) by folks outside of the Clinton orbit were reportedly cast aside.

“I was at Little Haiti in Florida, and I tell you they hate the Clintons because of what’s happened in Haiti with the Clinton Foundation. It is a disgrace, ” Donald Trump said directly to Hillary Clinton during the final presidential debate. “You know it. They know it. Everybody knows it.”

This Haitian citizen went on to say his country has the resources it needs to thrive, but it is not experiencing any benefit from them! They have a vast amount of oil and gold in the ground and a strong agricultural crop in rice. The Haitian gentleman pointed out that Tony Rodham, Hillary Clinton’s brother, has a 26-year contract, which puts him in charge of the Haitian gold mines.

Instead of exporting rice for profit while Haitian citizens also eat the local staple for a small price paid to support Haitian farmers and grocers, the island residents are now importing rice. From where? Arkansas! The Clintons and their close pals appear to be using Haiti as their own personal ATM machine—to the detriment of Haiti’s economy.

The luxury resorts and upscale beach amenities, which were supposed to be built en masse in Haiti to increase revenue from tourism, were never built. Funding for the projects just seemed to evaporate, according to some local residents. “The Clintons are the ones running Haiti,” the man in the interview lamented, visibly angry over the power the pair of career politicians hold over his homeland.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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