WATCH – Viral Video EXPOSES What Hillary Did to a Child Rape Victim, Hillary Wants This BURIED

Hillary Clinton can continue attempting to paint herself as a champion of women and children, but her past actions and comments tell an entirely different, very ugly story. While she briefly practiced law for a non-profit organization, Hillary worked diligently to discredit a 12-year-old rape victim who was beaten so brutally she spent five days in a coma.

“You lied about me. You took me through hell,” said Kathy Shelton, the now 54-year-old rape survivor, in a shocking viral video about how Hillary Clinton ruined her life.

As you may have guessed, the mainstream media have consistently failed to question Hillary Clinton about her role in the child rape trial—and her cackling laughter when recalling how she discredited the little girl in court.

The Highway 265: The True Story Hillary Clinton Hope You Would Never Hear video references the 1975 rape case, which the victim chose to remain silent about her entire life until last year when the Hillary laughing tapes surfaced.

The rape case seemed like a slam dunk to prosecutors—at least until Hillary Clinton came to represent the accused.

Thomas Alfred Taylor, a 41-year-old mill worker, was identified as the rapist that lured the child into his car.

Taylor had the victim’s blood and semen in his underwear, and there was no viable reason the bodily fluids of a child would have been on the inside of the grown man’s underwear if he had not been her violent attacker.

“Taylor’s attorney went to extraordinary lengths to discredit the child victim, suppressing all oral, written, and physical evidence, forcing the 12-year-old to submit to polygraphs and psychiatric evaluations, even accusing the child (who had been a virgin until the attack) of seeking out older men and ‘fantasizing’ her rape,” the video notes.

Kathy Shelton was so violently attacked some of the damage to her little body could not be repaired. Before she had even reached her teenage years, the Arkansas girl had to face the grim reality that she would never be able to have children of her own.

“I don’t think [Clinton’s] for women or girls. I think she’s lying, I think she said anything she can to get in the campaign and win. If she was [an advocate for women and children], she wouldn’t have done that to me at 12 years old,” Kathy Shelton said after hearing the recordings of Hillary laughing at her expense.

The child rapist, thanks to Hillary Clinton being able to get the forensic evidence suppressed at trial, was able to plead down to a “unlawful fondling of a minor” charge and served less than 12 months behind bars.

Hillary Clinton had a duty to defend her client, but the law did not task her with terrorizing the victim and putting a traumatized child through unnecessary hell while attempting to blame her for the rape.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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