WATCH – Viral Video Proves Hillary Campaign Is Feeding Questions to Reporters, It’s CONFIRMED

The information coming out of WikiLeaks has proved quite effectively that the mainstream media in the United Sates has colluded with the Clinton campaign in order to provide the Democrat presidential candidate with an advantage in the race. Now we have video evidence.

As the Clinton campaign retreated from the last 2016 presidential debate in Las Vegas, Nevada, team Clinton boarded their campaign aircraft believing they had won the debate. A confident Hilary Clinton met the press gaggle at the back of the plane (where the sycophantic peons sit) and began to feed the reporters propaganda. But an examination of the presser video shows Clinton’s traveling press secretary, Nick Merrill, inputting a question into his Blackberry and handing it to MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell, who then asked the question, proving the campaign is leading the media in its coverage.

This damning video proves – without question – that not only is the Clinton team manipulating the mainstream media’s coverage of the election, but that the people in the highest positions in the media are complicit in the collusion. The “objective media” is overtly carrying the water for the Clinton team.

With Clinton standing at the bulkhead to the “peon class” answering questions, Mitchell is front and center, microphone in Clinton’s face. It is then we can plainly see Merrill inputting verbiage into his Blackberry and presenting it to Mitchell.

As Clinton talked Mitchell read the verbiage and then nodded her head to Merrill indicating that she had read and understood the text. Next, we see Mitchell asking a softball question to Hillary Clinton as if it wasn’t scripted.

This comes on the heels of WikiLeaks having exposed interim Democrat National Committee chairwoman and former CNN pundit Donna Brazile as having facilitated the exact verbiage of a critical debate question to Clinton.

Then there are the confirmed stories of debate moderator John Harwood colluding with the Clinton campaign, via direct emails with Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, to give a debate advantage to Mrs. Clinton. Harwood even bragged about how we went after Trump.

The issue of the mainstream media actively campaigning for Hillary Clinton’s candidacy is a serious one and one that is included to a great extent in Donald Trump’s claims that the election is “rigged.” Where the complicit mainstream media only wants to talk about voter fraud, the greater crime here is the media’s open support for one candidate over the other.

The reason there is a provision for “freedom of the press” in the First Amendment to the US Constitution is because the media is supposed to be a check against government, and through that, a check against the political factions that vie for government. The Framers wanted protection from persecution for the media in service to the people.

Today, the media enjoys that constitutional protection even as they act as a propaganda arm for the Progressive-Democrat Party. This is completely against why the Framers provided the protection in the first place.

We have said it before on these pages: The honest mainstream media is dead! We must now verify the truthfulness of the media’s reports on everything they publish. We can take nothing they say as truth. We have to treat the media as we do Hillary Clinton – as untruthful and manipulative.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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