WATCH – Viral Video Shows Hillary LOSE IT at Candidate Forum, This is Bad

Hillary Clinton was forced to do something she hates last night: answer questions and be very close to commoners instead of her liberal elite peers. The pressure must have gotten the better of her—snipping at a forum moderator is very bad form, Mrs. Clinton.

The former First Lady lost it on moderator Matt Lauer when he actually tried to enforce the rules and move her on to the next topic…

Hillary, stalled, stumbled, fumbled, and then tried to run out the clock to avoid giving real answers to questions the American people deserve HONEST answers to.

Matt Lauer questioned Clinton’s judgement when she decided to use a private email server and then send and receive MARKED classified documents from that unsecure and non-government server THOUSANDS of times.

In one of her flailing responses, Hillary tried to parse her words once again when attempting to downplay the security lapses she caused by using the private email server.

She tried to make an excuse for her mistake by noting the difference between emails that contained classified information and those that came with a classified header.

Neither the military audience in front of her nor most of the viewers watching from home in their living rooms bought her pandering and long-winded explanation.

“I did exactly what I should have done, and I take it very seriously. Always have, always will,” Hillary claimed.

The career politician got downright combative when urged to wrap up her response because Matt Lauer and the audience had a long list of questions they were dying to ask Hillary.

She did exactly what she wanted to do despite the rules and laws, just like always—that is what she should have said.

Oh, what a different forum it would have been if someone had slipped a shot of truth serum into Hillary’s water before she went on stage.

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