Watch: WH Just Made Massive Executive Order Announcement In Response To Orlando Attack

In the wake of the terrorist attacks on party-goers at Orlando’s Pulse nightclub, some are speculating President Obama is poised, once again, to attempt to use executive action to enact gun control measures. Democrats have been pushing for more gun control with some even calling for a complete ban of all weapons.

A reporter asked White House spokesman Josh Earnest, “Can you say that the White House has never reached legal determination that it has exhausted all of its efforts when it comes to unilaterally acting through executive orders and such on gun control? Has it ever reached that determination? Or is it still looking?”

Earnest responded, “I’m not going to rule out that the president may at some point in the future take steps…But I think we made pretty clear when the president announced a series of executive actions back in January, that he had asked his team to consider every available option for using his executive authority.”

The White House spokesman continued, “The president’s team pursued every available option. But again, they’re also always looking. And if there are new ways to use executive authority to keep the American people safe, the president won’t hesitate to use them.”

It has been reported that Omar Mateen used an AR-15 semi-automatic to kill 49 individuals and wound dozens more in his attack in Orlando on Sunday. The AR-15 is popular among gun enthusiasts for its ability to be modified with accessories such as scopes, lasers, lights, match-grade barrels and stocks.

Used mainly for target practice and as a self-defense weapon, the rifle is rarely used in the commission of crimes in the U.S. Still it has been the target of anti-gun advocates, including Obama, who say it is an “assault rifle” and has “high-capacity magazines” and serves no real purpose other than to kill humans.

Not true say hunters. Hunters often use the AR-15 to hunt predatory animals such as coyotes and wild boar. The boar population has become a national epidemic in the U.S. with many states changing hunting laws to allow for boar to be harvested even at night, all in an effort to prevent the destruction of agricultural crops.

One critic of the idea calls the banning of assault weapons “a stupid idea pushed by stupid people.”

It’s unclear how a ban on assault rifles by presidential executive order would be able to be effective. Some say it would be as effective as the United States’ ability to keep drugs out of the country. In other words, it would not be effective at all, only allowing for criminals to have weapons as law-abiding citizens would be defenseless to protect themselves and their families.

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