“WATCH What Just Happened When CNN Reporter Starts Criticizing Hillary On-Air “

The abrupt comments of a reporter on CNN may have been some kind of malfunction or irregularity, or perhaps not. Nevertheless, reporter Brianna Keilar changed course on the CNN live feed this Tuesday when she started to give uncomplimentary remarks about Hillary Clinton’s endorsement of the 1994 Crime Bill, that was adopted during her husband’s presidency.

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Among other things, the landmark bill allowed expanded use of the death penalty, supported states in enacting longer prison sentences and wiped out federal college grants for inmates. The legislation has since been harshly criticized by Black Lives Matter and other groups for contributing to the incarceration of large numbers of young black males.

“Remember, Hillary Clinton has some vulnerabilities herself even as she call for criminal justice reform,” Keilar said while speaking live from Springfield, Ill. “Because of her support for in the 1990s for anti-crime legislation that ultimately helped contribute to this era of mass incarceration that she now speaks out agai–“

The live feed then ended. At least one commentator was certain he knew why.

“We are very familiar with the insane liberal bias that dominates today’s media,” wrote Andrew Mark Miller on Young Conservatives. “The list of examples of bias could fill the Library of Congress but the latest example from CNN is definitely a laugher.”

Miller doubted the action was an accident.

“Total coincidence right? Weird how that kind of stuff happens,” he wrote.

“What makes these networks think they can get away with this stuff? It should come as no surprise that CNN is tanking in the ratings. It is surprising that anyone bothers to watch that network anymore. Their bias is just plain outrageous at this point,” he wrote.

h/t: Townhall

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