WATCH – When a Tourist Laughed at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, THIS Immediately Happened

Criticism of our nation’s military has been growing in numbers over the years, with some thinking it’s okay to disrespect the military that serves them daily. However, when someone laughed at the Tomb of the Unknown Solider, the guard on duty did something completely priceless.

Upon hearing the laughter, the soldier turned around and ordered everyone to “maintain a level of silence and respect,” which made everyone immediately fall silent and made them realize this wasn’t just some ceremony to watch and mark off your bucket list…this is a grave for all the fallen whose remains were lost or unidentified. It is a memorial to the faceless fallen who gave their all for our country.

This is not something to idly watch or joke about—it is a testament to this country that should not be disrespected in any way, shape, or form. How people can laugh in front of a grave makes me sick.

People have refused to give respect to the men and women of the military, instead saying horrible things about our military and everyone in it. This is what they get for saying goodbye to their families, losing limbs and brothers-in-arms, and giving their lives if necessary?

They have to come home to ridicule and pity for making the greatest sacrifice of all.

Liberals think it is comforting to hear that the war in the Middle East was unnecessary. It’s not—they don’t need to tell the military what was or was not necessary. To many in the military, it was. 9/11 was a brutal attack on our homeland, and because of that, we went to war.

For many, this monument is a testament to this fact.

The people who disrespect the military are ignorant of what it means to serve. They don’t stop and think of how these men and women signed their lives away to serve and become “government property.” They don’t know how honoring that feeling is—to know you’re a part of something that makes a difference.

When people see the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, I don’t believe they realize what it is they’re looking at. It’s not just ONE Soldier—it’s all of them who were lost in the brutality of war. It’s about the families who still wait for news of their loved ones returning because they could not be identified while their loved ones remained in the dark of their passing.

If people truly realized that—if they truly took it to heart—they wouldn’t dare laugh in front of this memorial.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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