WATCH – Whoopi Goes On NASTY Racist Tirade, Explains Why ‘Blacks Don’t Talk to Whites’

She is known for her roles in Sister Act and Ghost, but now she is better-known for her radical views. Yes, Whoopi Goldberg has just gone into another one of her tirades.

On The View, she said that the reason Black people don’t want to talk to White People is because they are constantly being accused of “race-baiting” or “playing the race card.” No Whoopi, that’s just you.

These comments were made in response to CNN‘s Van Jones’ reaction to the results on election night. He proclaimed it to be a “white lash against a changing country.” But, like, Whoopi, he too was wrong.

The fact remains that Donald Trump bested Hillary Clinton fair and square, and he had a lot more than just the votes of “white, uneducated men” helping him get there. He had more than his fair share of Asian, Hispanic, and Black support in order to help reach roughly 65 million votes.

Moreover, he even had a few Muslim supporters. One story that went viral was a man who even professed to be a Muslim, who said he supported the real estate billionaire “100 percent.”

No, Whoopi, Black people talk to White people all the time, even about race issues! No one wants to talk to a washed-up has-been, such as yourself, who can only spout off about how disastrous this country is for electing Donald Trump. Because whether you like it or not, he is who the people chose, and it wasn’t for the reason you might think.

It’s not because we are racist. We decided to go with Trump because most of us realized a long time ago that Hillary Clinton was simply not up to the job of being president. Yes, the GOP might have been disappointed that McCain’s war-hero status did not merit him the White House, but we sucked it up, moved on, and tried to give the new President a chance.

Many who voted for Obama were enthusiastic for a long time as well. However, they too were disappointed, and had there been a more-dynamic candidate in 2012 than Romney, Obama might have lost.

In the midst of all this, you have to ask yourself, “Who is the true racist?” Donald Trump’s main purpose is to make this country great again, and that includes ALL Americans. Could it be that the true racists in this day and age are those who are playing the race card?

How about Hillary Clinton? Could she be a racist because of the fact she only cares about Black people when they vote for her?

Seriously, how much more kool-aid do people such as Whoopi expect Americans to drink? Honey, I’m sorry, but we’re not buying it anymore!

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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