WATCH – Whoopi Just Said Something SICK About ‘White People’, She’s EVIL

The nauseatingly Progressive Whoopi Goldberg – otherwise known as Caryn Elaine Johnson – abused her Leftist bully pulpit Wednesday on The View to pontificate on the exclusivity of the Black Lives Matter movement. Needless to say, her views were intrinsically racist.

Sitting with her coven of Leftist cronies, Johnson – sorry, Goldberg – made it clear that she believes there is an ignorant arrogance to anyone projecting any other race into the Black Lives Matter meme. Baited by her co-Leftist Joy Behar into moving away from the commonly heard “all lives latter” to infer that only “white lives matter,” asked Goldberg if that presented an “insensitivity: to the Black community. “Here’s what it shows to me,” Goldberg said, “a slight bit of ignorance.”

Such is the arrogance of the Black community in the days of Barack Obama. They get to define not only what the facts are, but what is cognitive and what is irrelevant.

Sitting on their perches on the ABC daytime victimhood fest, Behar pandered to her fellow couch-mate asking, “So do you think when the Black Lives Matter thing goes out there and people say ‘well white lives matter,’ that that shows an insensitivity to the African-American community?”

Without batting an eye, and wagging her dreadlock extensions, Goldberg responded with indignantly. She was empowered because, of course, a has-been comedian’s opinion is oh so much more important that the facts of the matter.

“You know what, it’s not – to me – wait, wait. Here’s what it shows to me, a slight bit of ignorance, because it’s not about – we know white lives matter, we know it,” Goldberg chided. “We’ve seen it. We’ve seen white suspects doing all kinds of stuff with guns and we don’t see them get shot instantaneously, but we do see – we have seen, we have seen a guy in an open carry state saying to the police officer I have one, and he gets shot anyway. So there is a disconnect for us.”

Goldberg conveniently left out the fact that the suspect in the open carry state disobeyed a direct order from the police officer to keep his hands in plain site. It also ignores his multiple run-ins with the law in that community. An overriding question was whether he should have been licensed to carry in the state in the first place, given his criminal record.

But these facts escaped a raging Goldberg who, simply stated, must always be considered correct and a harbinger of truth, lest she gets her fat behind up off the couch and walks her over-paid butt off stage.

“We know white lives matter, we know this. We’ve always known it,” she continued. “We just want to bring up the fact that due to the kinds of racism that we’ve had to deal with in this country that’s been institutional racism forever, for as long as lots of people can remember, you know, because we live with that, we need to remind people, ‘Yeah, no, it’s not okay to do this.’”

Of course, Goldberg was never a slave in the Deep South pre-Civil War. Neither were her parents, nor were any of her friends or acquaintances. In fact, for the larger part of her life, Goldberg has existed during a time when people have been hyper-cognizant of race and race relations.

The dawning of the Civil Rights movement and the transformation of our society to a colorless society took place in the 1970s and 1980s. In fact, the Progressive Black community is so coddled they have reserved the use of the “n word” for their own use. They have, linguistically, segregated our language by making it acceptable for one race to use the word and unacceptable for all others to use it.

Realizing too late that she let her inner racist out on national television, Goldberg tried to spin backwards, saying, “Nobody is okay in this country with any of us being shot for no reason. The police are not okay with it. We as Americans are not okay with it. We’re not okay, and that’s what we need to say.”

But Whoopster, we caught you, you filthy little racist! You’re an elitist who hides behind the cloak of Progressivism but who holds no inclusiveness for any but those you anoint.

And that’s nauseating.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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