WATCH – Young Trump Fans Make EPIC New Video to Destroy Hillary, It’s Going Viral!

Hillary is losing votes from every direction. Recently, some young Trump fans have made a hilarious video that proves this point.

Trump supporters depicted a young girl attempting to say that Hillary Clinton is “honest and trustworthy” and she couldn’t even get the lines out!

The video argues the Clinton campaign is supported by people who are political props, who do not actually believe what they are saying.

This video comes on the heels of reports that Clinton paid people to attend Trump rallies to incite violence. Her goal was for Trump supporters to be painted as violent people, but that backfired!

It’s not just the people who speak in Clinton’s ads or work for her campaign who only do so for the money. The majority of people who will vote for Clinton just want her to increase the government handouts they receive.

It has been reported that many of Clinton’s supporters do not even know what she stands for and that they are only voting for her because they think Trump is rude.

Those who are smart enough to know what Clinton stands for are no better. No one would ever support Hillary Clinton altruistically– they simply tolerate her corruption so they can enrich themselves. From those who love the Nanny state, to those who seek appointments from President Clinton, they all seek unjust power and free money.

Hillary Clinton doesn’t just bribe her supporters, she takes bribes from foreign governments out of her own self-interest. If elected, Clinton will turn the White House into a pay-to-play operation built on lies and deceit.

Trump is an angel compared to Clinton, and based on the new polls, people are starting to understand that.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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