We May Have Just Discovered The Date Of ‘Wikileaks October Surprise’ and It’s Going To Be A Bombshell

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has long claimed that he would be dropping a bombshell report on Hillary Clinton in October that would shatter we campaign. A new sources is claiming that report will be released this coming Tuesday in a live announcement.

I guess True Pundit is saying that WikiLeaks is going to drop a bombshell on Hillary Clinton this next Tuesday. I guess we’ll see. These are the same guys who predicted the last debate would be rigged a month beforehand. I’m far from certain that the debate was rigged. There are a ton of conspiracy theories floating out there… enough to make you dizzy. I give very little credence to any of them. But during this insane election season anything goes.

Julian Assange is set to make a live announcement Tuesday from the Embassy of Ecuador in London. No word on what he will say and I can’t find anything on the web about it, so we will have to wait on this one. It will be interesting to see what Russia is prodding WikiLeaks to do now. They definitely want Trump in, so they’ll go all out to shoot down Hillary. Either way Russia wins and we lose.

From TruthFeed:

Is this the Wikileaks October surprise we’ve been hearing about for months?

Reports are swirling that a BOMBSHELL is set to WALLOP Hillary this Tuesday.

The amazing and well-respected reporters from True Pundit put out a tweet alerting everyone to the big news.


If you’ll recall, True Pundit also broke the story about the RIGGED presidential debateone month before it occurred.

Look out Hillary, the political-poop is about to hit the fan.

….and I can’t wait!

Rumors swirl on everything from further email damnation to the body count connected to the Clintons. Geez… who needs soap operas? Despite all the hoopla, I don’t expect a killer blow from WikiLeaks on Hillary Clinton. So far, she has survived everything they have uncovered. She shouldn’t have, but we now live in a Banana Republic where the rule of law means almost nothing.

This may be the October Surprise, but I’ll believe it when I see it. If it is, it better be solid and bad enough to take her down despite Clinton’s network and cronies. I am not a fan of WikiLeaks, never have been. Even though I consider them to be a propaganda arm for Putin, you can’t help but quietly hope they do come up with something. So far, no kill shot from Julian Assange.

I will be watching to see what Assange comes up with though. At the very least it will be entertaining. And since all we have is bread and circuses these days, that seems to be what Americans are demanding.

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