We Now Know EXACTLY How Iran Spent $400M Ransom; It’s WORSE Than You Think..

Reports suggest that the $400 million President Barack Obama offered Iran as a ransom for detained Navy personnel was used to fund radical Islamic terrorism.

“The Foundation for the Defense of Democracies uncovered an item in Iran’s 2017 national budget ordering the Central Bank ‘to give the money from the legal settlement …. of up to $1.7 billion to the defense budget’ — which then rose 90 percent over the prior year’s,” reported the New York Post.

We explained in a post earlier this week how the Obama administration airlifted $400 million worth of cash to Iran in January, right around the same time that a group of Navy soldiers captured by the rogue nation were released.

The administration has claimed that the $400 million was the first installment in a $1.7 billion settlement over a failed arms deal signed in 1979, but the evidence has belied that claim.

Speaking on Fox Business Network this Thursday evening, for instance, one of the hostages, Saeed Abedini, stated that he and the other soldiers had to wait for another plane to arrive before they were released.

“I just remember the night that we’d been in a[n] airport, just take hours and hours there,” he said, according to Breitbart. “And I asked one of the … police that was with us, that, why are you not letting us to go to the … plane? And he told me we are waiting for another plane, and if that plane take off, then we’re going to let you go.”


Moreover, the State Department has reportedly refused over and over again to confirm whether the plane carrying the hostages left before or after the plane arrived with the $400 million.

“Odd for the ‘most transparent administration ever’ not to have this kind of basic, flight information at their fingertips: tracking $400 million worth of US taxpayer money — in cash — and the lives of four members of the American military?” remarked Zero Hedge contributor “Tyler Durden.”

It seems almost indisputable now that the money was indeed offered as ransom, and given the evidence suggesting that it was subsequently used to fund terrorism; I feel almost speechless.

You know, the Bible warns of a time to come when humanity would be fooled into following a very vicious false messiah and leader. On days like this, I honestly wonder whether that false messiah happens to be Barack Hussein Obama…

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