Wealthy Cruz donor now funding Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Republicans spent millions of dollars on negative advertising during the primaries.  Most of the money spent was on ads to halt Donald Trump’s momentum.   Nothing worked, and now that Trump is the last candidate left standing on the GOP side, you’d think the GOP donors would spend the money on stopping Hillary.  Think again.

Renaissance Technologies, a hedge fund founded by billionaire James Simons, gave over $13 million to Senator Ted Cruz’s now-failed campaign.  Observer News & Politics has revealed that Renaissance Technologies has now given over $2 million to Clinton’s campaign thus far.  

Another fund owned by Mr. Simmons – Euclidean Capital – has contributed over $7 million to Clinton’s campaign.

In addition, a team has been assembled by the Clinton campaign to reach out to wealthy GOP donors.  Clinton already shares about 60 of the same donors from Bush’s side, and Politico reported that Hillary’s campaign has been “making furious rounds of calls to top Bush family donors to try to convince them that Clinton represents their values better than Trump.”

So far, former deep-pocket Cruz donors are coming forward for Clinton better than the Bush donors.

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