Well, well, well, Hillary secret BLM meeting exposed! Look what she wants to do to our police forces!

A transcript has come forward from a private meeting between Hillary and Black Lives Matter, where Hillary talks about de-weaponizing and de-funding police forces in America.

HILLARY CLINTON: Well, Sam, I think President Obama has already taken action on some of this to try to prevent or stop the transfer of military-style weaponry and additional equipment to local police officers.

And I would certainly build on that and go as far as we can. I’m not sure that we can get people to return it. That, I’m not sure of the legality. But we can certainly stop it, and stop the kind of militarization that has taken place in our cities. And, in particular, in small towns.

I mean, it’s one thing after 9/11 to say, okay, maybe we need to bolster what the N.Y.P.D. has, for example. But Ferguson? Really? I mean, this thing got way out of whack in terms of what was, I think, the original intention going all the way back to 1989, 1990.

So I would certainly put a stop to it. And I would certainly do everything I could to make sure that the whole idea of militarizing the local police was disincentivized. Try to figure out how we could change the federal pressure and programs to move away from that. And making sure that local police didn’t, you know, move as they have to try to be like the guys on TV, you know, that sort of mentality.

So I would take that very seriously.

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