WHAT A FRAUD: Just Wait Until You see the Inside of Bernie’s New Lake House

So you wanna see how rich, fat-cat capitalists live?

I don’t have that for you.

Instead, allow me to show you how “share the wealth,” leftist, socialists live.

They no longer live in Politburo-designed concrete apartment complexes… Monotonous, Soviet row apartments like this:

soviet-style apartments

No, no… today’s socialist lives like this:

outside sanders home

This is 310 Stone Gate Lane in North Hero, Vermont. This beautiful home is a restored 1910 house with a large open kitchen has gorgeous lake and mountain views and 500 feet of beachfront property along Lake Champlain.

Nice digs, huh?

But wait! There’s more. It has 4 bedrooms, 2.75 baths, “gorgeous lake and mountain views” and attached separate “comrade’s quarters.”

And this is where Bernie Sanders will spend his summer days.

The Independent Journal found the home’s listing on the real estate site “Zillow.” It’s the same home, the only one in the area selling for $575,000.

So let’s take a look inside this socialist utopia, shall we?

This pic shows a little American Flag welcoming all budding young Socialists.


In addition to the 500 feet of private beachfront property, you get your very own boat dock.

boat dock 13

With all these beds, this is communal living at its finest! Perhaps some of his “Berniacs” can spend their summers here helping with property maintenance.

inside pic 12

inside pic 11

inside bedroom 10

The IJ decided it was important to point out this very nice-looking chicken cookie jar. We can’t begrudge them.

inside pic 9

inside pic 8

Why is the floor the only thing not made of hardwood?

inside pic 7 floors

This is a blanket. The IJ says Bernie can use it to cuddle up while he think about the TPP. That’s very cynical. I’m sure that he will donate the blanket to a homeless shelter.

inside pic 6

outside pic 5 porch

This is the separate cabin where he can store his pallets of cash.

outside pic5 cottage

Again, IJ wanted to point out a rocking chair and a broom. The Berniacs can sweep while Bernie sits, rocks and muses over Das Capital.

outsidepic4 cottage


So the big question here is where did Bernie get this money? He is reportedly one of the poorest members of Congress. He famously flies coach everywhere he goes. Is it possible that – like every other Washington politician – he managed to turn his time as a public servant into great wealth?

And if so, wouldn’t that make him a fraud? A hypocrite?

And maybe – just maybe – wouldn’t this be evidence that he is part of the 1 percent that he at least claims to vilify so fervently?

H/T: YoungCons

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