“What Do We Do?!” Rarely Seen Student Video Captures 9/11 Attack From Chilling New Angle

Recently uncovered student video of the Sept. 11 attacks captured by New York University students 15 years ago brought with its discovery chilling flashbacks of the day that forever changed American history.

At the start of the footage, which also contained the audio reactions of the students themselves, the Twin Towers could be seen, with one of them expelling huge quantities of smoke.

“What is that, though?” one student asked from her dorm room, perplexed by what she was witnessing.

It was not until the 2:05 mark that the students realized what was actually happening. You may watch the video below, though we must warn you that it is extremely graphic and disturbing.

“This is a terrorist attack!” one student yelled after observing the second plane crash into the Twin Towers. “What do we do?”

Yes, it was a terrorist attack — the terrorist attack that spawned the Iraq War and the broader war against radical Islam, which to this day continues to thrive across the globe.

While this tragic event 15 years ago opened every American’s eyes to the threat of radical Islam, some of those eyes have since shut.

Take, for instance, the eyes of President Barack Obama, a former community organizer turned commander in chief who has from day one underestimated just how severe this threat really is. Instead of continuing former President George W. Bush’s successful war against radical Islam, Obama has weakened our grip on this deadly foe, thus allowing it to grow and prosper.

And so every day we hear about yet another act of terror committed by radical Islamists, be it on our own soil or in another nation such as Germany, France or even Iraq.

The war continues undeterred, though judging by Obama’s pitiful response to this growing threat, it seems very necessary that everyone (including him) watch the student video above and be reminded of why we are in this war in the first place.

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