What Hillary Brought With Her Today PROVES She’s Still SICK AS A DOG

Only three days after collapsing and being taken by a Secret Service campaign van, Hillary Clinton has come back on the presidential campaign track in North Carolina. There very few people present and there was just no real spirit.

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The most shocking part of the day was what she brought with her. 

Take a look at her motorcade.


Yes…That is an AMBULANCE in her motorcade!


So I guess we were right… It wasn’t pneumonia at all. That was just her campaign’s convenient excuse that they put out 9 hours after her collapse.

We still can’t say exactly what’s wrong with her, but these are the things we do know:

She had a coughing attack last week that lasted 5 minutes. This was not her first coughing attack, in fact she has been coughing since 2008. 

She passed out at the 9/11 ceremony and had to be carried into her campaign van. 


The campaign waited 9 hours then says she had pneumonia. 

Yesterday she released a “medical update” which included nothing but her vital signs and cholesterol. 

And now, Hillary is back on track but with an ambulance following her every move. Not every person who suffers from pneumonia has an ambulance 24/7 around them.

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