What Hillary Clinton did to This Woman will Lose Her EVERY BLACK VOTE in America!

It seems that Hillary Clinton has shown her true face, yet again. In the end, it turned out that Bernie Sanders, Hillary CLinton’s so-called rival, is a selfish, undignified man who allowed himself to be bought by Hillary Clinton. The one demand he had for his acceptance of Hillary Clinton during the DNC, was for Senator Nina Turner, his fellow and follower to announce him.

VIA Liberty Writers News

Well, just before she was set to introduce Senator Sanders at the DNC,

Hillary came in and banned her from the stage while simultaneously humiliating her!

Ya see, it turns out that Nina Turner had committed the unforgivable sin of:


It was originally reported that her credentials had been revoked by the Democrats. While that is not true, they did veto her appearance and ban her from entering the DNC stage.

Sounds like a power play to me.

To make it worse for Hillary, Nina Sanders is a very active voice in the black Democratic party as well as a Senator from the key swing state of Ohio.

Well, with every ill news the Clintons receive, Donald Trump and his campaign are one step closer to winning the general elections, and if Mrs. Turner is up for it, she can join the Trump Train any time she wants and make her contribution in making America great again.

H/T – Common Dreams

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