What the Media Won’t Show You – Dems ABANDON Hillary At DNC

Hillary Clinton’s coronation for the Democratic nomination isn’t going as planned. Chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz was ousted as the convention was about to begin. Then Bernie Sanders supporters have been booing her and shouting that Hillary should be locked up. Even Black Lives Matter protestors carried around a sign saying, “Hillary, Delete Yourself.”

But, there is a very visual issue that could predict doom for Hillary in November. There are literally hundreds of empty seats at Hillary’s convention.

While the mainstream media actually counted empty seats at the RNC, they are trying to hide the visual proof that even the DNC delegates don’t support Hillary. But, you can watch the video below and see the evidence that during prime time people aren’t showing up to the party.

After the Wikileaks email dump showing the DNC rigged the primary for Hillary, people are jumping ship in droves.

This is really good news for Donald Trump as the RNC really helped unify most fractions of the Republicans. The Democrats are clearly in complete disarray.

The media refuses to show this, please share it to get the word out that Hillary’s own voters are rejecting her!

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