What the RNC Just Agreed To Do for Trump Marks MAJOR Momentum Shift

People thought Republican nominee Donald Trump was joking when he said he would “unify the Republican party” over and over again. Turns out, those people were wrong.

In an effort to build up Trump’s surprisingly small campaign — which is operating on a shoestring budget — the Republican National Committee is dedicating its robust staff to getting the billionaire businessman elected.

“As far as building the infrastructure of the campaign, the RNC has been doing it for many years. (RNC Chairman) Reince (Priebus) has really upped it and all over the country they have very good people,” Trump told reporters in North Dakota, according to The Washington Examiner.

“Part of the benefit is we get to use those people,” he continued. “And while I’m raising a lot of money for them, and they’re going to use that not only for me, they’re going to use that also for other people running for office.”

There have been concerns about the RNC being too focused on the presidential campaign — which might not leave enough manpower for down ballot candidates.

However, RNC spokesman Lindsey Walters is completely confident: “Under Chairman Priebus we have built the largest and earliest ground game in political history.”

The RNC staff that will be joining forces with the Trump campaign consists of a whopping 287 paid staff in 11 of the swing states — and another 179 operatives are going to be assisting soon.

The financing sector of the RNC, which consists of 20 Republicans who donate and solicit donations, are locked and loaded, ready to monetarily boost Trump with campaign cash flow.

While Democrats Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are still slinging mud and engaging in a vicious fight for first place into the final days of the primary season, the Republican party is getting more unified every day.

H/T Newsmax

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