What Trump Did To Team Clinton In Just 17 BRUTAL Seconds Shows Exactly Why He’s Leading In The Polls

Is Hillary really protecting women? That’s the short but provocative question that introduces an equally short but provocative video released by Donald Trump on Monday — a brutal 17-second blast at both Bill and Hillary Clinton.

After just 4 hours of being available to his fans and followers through his Facebook page, the video had received more than 14,000 likes, 2,700 comments, and had been shared more than 3,100 times. And as of this writing, its popularity continued to grow on Facebook and other social media outlets for the New York developer.

As noted in an article on The Hill, the new Trump ad mixes sound clips of women who have accused Bill Clinton of sexual assault, and then turns to attack Hillary Clinton as her husband’s enabler and protector.

“The new black-and-white video plays audio of two women — Kathleen Willey and Juanita Broaddrick — who have made accusations against Bill Clinton. It plays the audio against a black-and-white backdrop of the White House and an image of Bill Clinton with a cigar in his mouth.”

Then, as though reacting to the emotional sound bites by the distressed women, Hillary’s distinctive cackling laugh is inserted, accompanied by eerie music and the on-screen text “Here We Go Again?”

A senior Trump aide said just a few days ago that the brash businessman would intensify his pointed, personal attacks on the Clintons. The Republican Party’s presumptive nominee has bombarded the former first lady with numerous campaign remarks and social media messages that largely revolve around her husband’s marital indiscretions, admitted and alleged.

And in a recent Fox News interview with Sean Hannity, Trump not only brought up the “massive settlements” the Clintons had to pay for Bill’s inappropriate — and, according to some, criminal — sexual activities, he also came right out and said the word “rape” when describing the ex-president’s history of abusing women.

The Republican candidate’s use of video on social media to drive his points home about the Clintons has been very effective, as millions of people have seen the attack ads widely distributed at virtually no cost to the campaign.

TPNN reported on one such ad last week — a 34-second video that brought back into sharp focus the controversy around Hillary Clinton’s reaction to the Benghazi attack and the loss of four American lives. It, too, was introduced in the hugely popular Trump Facebook feed with very few words: “Hillary has bad judgment.”

In recent polling, Trump has shown considerable electoral strength in pulling even with, or slightly ahead of, Hillary in national match-ups, much to the surprise of many pundits and prognosticators.

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