What Trump Just Said About France Terrorist Attack The ENTIRE Country NEEDS To Hear!

Nice, France has just had a horrific tragedy strike at the hands of what looks to be terrorism where, so far, 84 people have been killed with dozens more injured by a truck who mowed down crowds of people for miles.

Donald Trump appeared on with Bill O’Reilly and told the entire country what they need to hear.

Here is what has been reported…

From Daily Caller:

O’Reilly said, “I believe it’s a world war now. We are in a world war scenario. It’s no longer just isolated ISIS attacks. Do you agree with that?”

“I certainly do,” Trump replied. “And I’ve been saying it for a long time. It’s out of control. We have a president that doesn’t want to call it what it is. And you know you look at World Trade Center, you look at San Bernardino, you look at Paris, 130 people killed and so many injured in Paris from that attack, and you look at Orlando. It’s out of control. And Bill, unless we get strong and really strong and very, very smart leadership, it’s only going to get worse.”

O’Reilly followed up, “If it’s a world war, then you have to mobilize NATO. You have to get all the NATO countries to say we are going to commit forces, both ground and air to wipe ISIS off the face of the earth. Do you not?”

“I would say that would be just fine. I have been saying it we should use NATO for its, for a purpose. I mean, we’re spending a fortune on NATO. We have countries in NATO that don’t make a fair contribution. We are supporting NATO and we should at least get something out of it and getting rid of ISIS and getting rid of this cancer that we’re watching all over the world, that certainly would be a good thing.”

“Would you go to congress and ask for a declaration of war,” O’Reilly asked.

“I would. I would. This is war,” Trump said. “If you look at it, this is war coming all different parts. And frankly, it’s war and we’re dealing with people without uniforms. You know, in the old days you would have uniforms. You knew what you were fighting. These people — we are allowing people into our country who we have no idea where they are, where they’re from, who they are, they have no paperwork, they have no documentation in many cases and Hillary Clinton wants to allow a 550 percent more than even Obama and he is letting them in by the thousands. It’s out of control.”

Hear what all Trump had to say here:

Trump also was on with Greta Van Susteren just as the news from the attack was coming in and had this to say…

TRUMP: Well, the first thing he should do is say it’s radical — if it is, and it may not be. So, you know, I want to preface that because — for both of us, because you’re in the same position as I am — but generally speaking I don’t think the people come out of Sweden, okay? It’s probably, possibly but if it is indeed radical Islamic terrorism, it’s about time that he would say so, okay? It’s about time because you are never going to solve this problem unless you are going to define it and it would be about time — people would sigh with relief if he would say it but he doesn’t want to say it. So let’s see what happens, I mean, it just happened now and let’s see who did it and what it’s all about but if it is indeed again like in Orlando, like in San Bernardino, like in Paris, like in the World Trade Center, like so many other places — if it’s radical Islamic terrorism, he ought to say it.

VAN SUSTEREN: And then what? If it is —

TRUMP: And then not let people into our country, Greta. We are taking people into our country, we don’t know who they are. We can’t let people from terrorist states and all of these people pour into our country because, you know, it only takes one or two people to create havoc and we’re allowing thousands of people, we have no idea who they are. We have to be tough. Look, somebody said it the other day that Trump is the law and order candidate. I’m the border candidate, I’m the great trade candidate, we’ll make great trade deals, but I am indeed the law and order candidate and Hillary is weak and ineffective. She’s been there – she created ISIS with her stupid policies. So if this turns out to be yet another attack from radical Islam, then we are going to have to take — our president is going to have to finally admit and do something about it.

Trump has postponed with vice president announcement that was scheduled to happen today in light of the attack in Nice, France.

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