What Trump Told Netanyahu Today About Obama Will SHAKE The World To It’s Knees!

Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump has recently had a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at Trump’s house. This meeting can only suggest that Trump will stand behind Israel, unlike Obama.

VIA Liberty Writers News

They met at Trump’s home in Manhattan.

We need to back Israel. They are our strongest ally in the middle east and the liberals want to give up that position for no reason.

Trump then told the Israeli prime minister that he will recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Then he went in on Obama.


Obama made a similar promise to Netanyahu in 2008, but he was lying, according to Trump.

And, the proof is in the pudding. Obama supports the regime over Israel. He has given them $100 billion to the terrorists in Iran.

Let that sink in. We have given up our greatest ally under Obama for an ally that admittedly gives money to terrorism.

*** That’s why we need every God-fearing Christians and Jews to stand up for our allies!

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