When A Party Attacks It’s Front-Runner You Need To Look At Who’s Running The Party!

The Republican Party Establishment and the Elite, who comprise this Establishment and their D.C. puppets, are way beyond DEFCON 5 in dealing with Trump.

When the Republicans run “nice guys” for key elections, the press pretends to love them, until the second they are nominated. They then join the Democratic Party in ripping them to shreds using every possible pejorative, mean-spirited label they can come up with, while also saying the Republican is mean spirited and using “secret code words.”

The Democratic Party candidates also leverage and an entire army of leftists minions, who live in the sewer and are constantly on the offensive, with the ability to incite pure violence (calling for the murder of police) and to carry out mob based violence in the forms of burning and looting, as needed.

In the case of Hillary Clinton, she is personally up to her eyeballs in both divisive language and blatantly illegal behavior, which the press largely ignores, as they are helping her to gain even more power and wealth. This is truly asymmetric warfare and totally unfair.

Trump Rillay

Trump is not destroying the GOP. The party elites are destroying itself from within.

They’re putting all their eggs in Sen. Ted Cruz‘s Easter Bunny Basket in order to bring Donald Trump down and once the get both Trump and Cruz to the brokered convention, they’ll steal the nomination from Trump and probably place Cruz’s head in that basket and dump it in a dumpster and elect who they want to elect.


The sad truth about the Republican establishment is that they are dead in the eyes of the people, and they don’t know it.

When a party attacks it’s (front runner), (the choice of the majority of Republican voters), as the Republican party is doing to Donald Trump, Republican voters need to take a very hard look at who is running that party at the top.


Ask yourselves. Why would the Republican party want to destroy a candidate who wants to stop the outsourcing of American jobs? A candidate who wants to stop American companies from forcing their American workers to train their foreign replacements? Why would they do that?

Trump may have signed your one-sided BS Pledge to an old outdated, out-of-touch Party, but his supporters will not be so supportive your Party is on life-support and at any time, we the people, are ready to pull the plug.

Is the GOP done? Do you weep for it? Do you blame the GOP elites for blowing it up or do you blame Trump? Where do you think all of this is going? Share your comments (below) and share this on your social media wall.

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