When Michelle Obama Took The DNC Stage, Cameras Caught One EPIC Sign That DESTROYED Hillary!

p>This was almost too good to be true, but it’s real, and we’re so happy it’s a thing.

As Michelle Obama took the stage at the first night of the Democratic National Convention to talk about how she’s “with” the liar and lifetime con artist Hillary Clinton, the camera panned to the crowd’s reaction, and caught something strange.

During the speech, delegates had taken the signs of the Democratic slogan “Stronger Together” and scribbled out a few letters, leaving behind something that read “STOP HER”, implying that Hillary Clinton cannot be allowed to further in the electoral process. We couldn’t agree more.

Check this out:

DNC Bernie Protester

Considering that the Democrats are hurting for party unity, it’s a good sign for anyone voting for Trump in November. And I can’t wait!

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