When The Liberal Media Called Melania A PROSTITUTE, She Shoved Their LIES Back In Their Faces

We have a new family in Washington and when they are attacked, they don’t play nice and just accept it. Oh no, they hit back and they hit back hard.

When the liberal Daily Mail wrote a hit piece that claimed Melania Trump was a high-priced call girl before she married Donald Trump, Melania responded in a big way: she hit them with a $150 million defamation lawsuit. Sometimes, these defamation lawsuits can effectively put a website out of business.

In Melania’s case, the lawsuit claimed that the Daily Mail maliciously circulated this false report.

“These defendants made several statements about Mrs. Trump that are 100 percent false and tremendously damaging to her personal and professional reputation,” Trump’s lawyer said in a statement, according to CNN, via NY Daily News. Although Melania is married to real estate billionaire Donald Trump, she is pretty accomplished in her own right.

Melania is from Slovenia and she is extremely high-class. She worked as a model in the 1990’s before she married Donald Trump in 2005.

So, since Melania is so high-class, the fact these two defendants would claim she was a prostitute just flies in the face of all reality. First of all, we have to go back to Donald Trump’s testimony of how he met Melania. He said he wanted her, so he indeed chased her. But, believe it or not, Melania “played hard to get.”

Melania realized that she could have any man she wanted. So that is why it is the height of ignorance for these two defendants to make this claim! To put it in simple English, why would she work as a prostitute when she is a model and can literally have her pick? Why would she work as an escort and degrade herself when she could make immensely more money as a model?

Of course, this illustrates the cutthroat nature of politics, but this is a game that Donald Trump and his wife are already familiar with. They have the money to pay the legal fees to force publication to stop lying about them, as well.

They are going to expose the liberal left for their double standards. They are going to let the media know what we have known all along: They have a lot of nerve performing a hit piece on Donald Trump, especially while ignoring the immense amount of scandals the Clintons have had.

It is definitely refreshing to me that these liberal bullies are going to have to retract their lies! Go Melania Trump!

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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