When ‘The View’ Hosts Called Ann Coulter A RACIST, She Made ‘Em EAT Their LIES On LIVE TV

In today’s divisive and controversial political landscape, there’s perhaps no one more revered and loathed by those on different sides of the political spectrum than Ann Coulter. She has been on the New York Times’ best-seller list more than a dozen times, and has recently taken up the mantle of being Donald Trump’s number one fan, especially on the topic of immigration.

However, Ann is also quite well-versed on American history and statistics, and how race and political persuasion mixes into American culture, which is exactly what she was debating on an extremely liberal show that we all know, called “The View.”

Coulter was brought on to speak about her book, entitled Mugged, that dealt with the racial prejudices in this country, stemming from white liberals and defending the ideals of conservatives across the country.

Whoopi Goldberg, a liberal nutjob and impossibly shrill harpy, went off for reasons, proceeded to talk about how she doesn’t need statistics when she can just talk to her grandmother, then visibly loses her train of thought when Ann recites the actual facts to her face, with Goldberg repeating the phrase “I just don’t understand.”

Whoopi doesn’t understand something? Shocker.

The rest don’t fare better, being shut down instantly by Coulter’s trademark wit and unapologetic delivery. This needs to be shared.

Amen, Ann. Amen.

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