When Trump Opened His Car Door in Ohio, Everyone Noticed Something INSANE in the Crowd!

America is ready for a real leader, and that leader’s name is Donald John Trump!

Trump made one of his famous public appearances today at the Canfield city fair in Ohio.

Donald was scheduled to do press interviews but decided to show up early to meet with some of the locals and hear their concerns.

When his caravan showed up, the crowd was already forming. Mr. Trump then opened his door, and that’s when something incredible happened.



Donald Trump is absolutely the candidate of we the people. Take a good look at these pictures. They reveal something the Liberal Media is covering up.

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Did you notice that Trump’s supporters are NOT all white men in their 50’s plus?

This crowd is filled with men and women of all ages and races. He is a candidate meant to Unite our great country, not divide it.


It is really a beautiful thing seeing Americans coming together this way, don’t you think?

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We are finally taking our country back!

H/T: LibertyWritersNews

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