While Americans Focused On Dems’ Gun Control Push, LOOK What Obama Quietly Did

Wednesday, much of American media was focused on the sit-in staged by House Democrats in order to protest the lack of new gun control measures. But something else went on behind the scenes that many people missed.

The Obama administration released a potentially dangerous prisoner from Guantanamo Bay.

The prisoner, Abdel Malik Ahmed Abdel Wahab, was Osama Bin-Laden’s personal bodyguard. This has some U.S. authorities rightfully concerned because of the high rate at which terrorists return to the battlefield.

The Washington Free Beacon has previously reported on statistics of terrorist recidivism.

The number of detainees released from the Guantanamo Bay prison who have reengaged in terrorism has doubled since July 2015, according to a new report issued by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI). A total of 118 out of 676 freed former detainees were confirmed of having reengaged in terrorist acts since 2009. Around 30 have been killed on the battlefield, while 25 have been taken back into custody. At least 63 remain at large, according to the DNI’s latest findings.

A famous example of this was Taliban commander Abdul Qayyum. In 2007 he was released from Guantanamo, then sent to a prison in Afghanistan. He was then released for no apparent reason by the government and subsequently returned to the battlefield, where he is still presumed alive.

Wahab has been sent to Montenegro and will be granted asylum. From there he will be able to return to his family and re-socialize. However, there were concerns about his connections with other high-profile terrorist members. The official release report stated “ties to a relative, who is a possible extremist, raises concerns about his susceptibility to re-engagement.”

Despite all this, the Pentagon acknowledged it’s gratitude for the Balkan country and it’s efforts in helping close Guantanamo. Now, only 79 prisoners remain.

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