While Everyone Focuses on Turkey Coup, Something VERY BAD has Happened…

Exactly one year has passed after President Obama concluded a deal with Iran that prevents them from using nuclear material, but in vain- no obvious results have come to our attention. The only thing that was spent were millions of dollars, which landed right in their budget.

VIA Young Conservatives

Democrats were running around celebrating the milestone this week as if it were some kind of accomplishment.

In reality, the deal did basically nothing except embolden Iran.

They continue to purchase weapons, they captured and humiliated our sailors, they continue to call us their enemy, and they continue to test missiles.

Testing missiles violates a UN resolution, but they don’t seem to care about that.

In fact, they just tested a missile for the 4th time since the “deal” was signed.

Two days before the anniversary of the nuclear agreement between Iran and world powers, the Islamic Republic attempted to launch a new type of ballistic missile using North Korean technology, multiple intelligence officials tell Fox News.

The test, in violation of a UN resolution, failed shortly after liftoff when the missile exploded, sources said. The effort occurred on the evening of July 11-12 near the Iranian city of Saman, an hour west of Isfahan, where Iran has conducted similar ballistic missile tests in the past.

It would be at least the fourth time Iran has launched or attempted to launch a ballistic missile since the nuclear accord was signed on July 14, 2015.

Iran is barred from conducting ballistic missile tests for eight years under UN Resolution 2231, which went effect July 20, 2015, days after the nuclear accord was signed.

This is what you get when you sign a deal based on a pinkie promise with a murderous regime that represents the largest state sponsor of terrorism in the world.

So what has happened since the agreement went into effect.

• This month Germany’s FBI said Iran has a “clandestine” effort seeking illicit nuclear technology

• Iran violated UNSC 2231 which compelled it to stop ballistic missile work for 8 years.

• Iran fired live missiles within 1500 yards from an American aircraft carrier and humiliated American sailors

• Multi-billion dollar sales to Iran of Russian arms including the advanced Sukhol super jets, and the S300 surface to air missile system.

So why did we sign this deal?

This deal is the culmination of that dream; it is about the President’s foreign policy legacy. The writing was on the wall way back in 2009 when the President mystifyingly abandoned the Iranian people during their Green Revolution, siding with the Ayatollah.

The agreement not only reinforced the regime’s hold on domestic power, but also fundamentally reversed the regime’s decline caused by the 2009 protests, the international unity against Iran’s nuclear program after 2011 IAEA report, the Menendez-Kirk Iran sanctions laws in late 2011 and 2012 that isolated and contracted Iran’s economy and obliterated the rial’s value.

We now know with certainty that in ten to fifteen years Iran will be a nuclear weapons power at any time of its choosing, with complete international legitimacy, memorialized in the President’s JCPOA.

Obama’s decision to go through with this deal will leave nothing but a huge dark spot on his political career and his inability to conduct foreign policy accordingly.

And that’s saying something…

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