While Louisiana SUFFERS, Hillary And Obama Attend Glitzy Fundraiser With $27,000 Per Head Entry Fee

There has recently been a lot of noise over one question ” Where is Hillary Clinton?” to help Louisiana victims who have been devastated by one of the most disastrous natural catastrophes. The Democratic candidate is nowhere to be found for days now, yet she hasn’t gone far enough.

VIA Freedom Daily

How has the next possible president been spending her days while so many in Louisiana are suffering? Well, she’s been hobnobbing with the stars at upscale fundraisers on Martha’s Vineyard.

The Daily Mail reported that Friday the Clintons celebrated Bill’s 70th birthday on the island.

On Saturday Hillary held a fundraiser at the home of home of Frank and Carol Biondi. Attendance fees ran from $27,000 to $1,000.


The Mail reported that earlier on Saturday Hillary attended a “private, two-hour fundraiser at the Nantucket home of former U.S. Ambassador to Portugal, Elizabeth Frawley Bagley.”


On Sunday Hillary will hold another fundraiser, this one with left-wing moonbat performer, Cher. The event is being billed as a “Summer Celebration with Hillary.” Sounds pretty f-cking amazing, aye? Not.


Hillary’s not the only one hanging out with celebrities while tens of thousands are homeless in Louisiana, President Obama has been brushing up on his golf game since August 6th. His vacation on the Island is slated to end today.

Democrats and Republicans alike have criticized Obama and Hillary for not visiting the devastated regions of Louisiana, and the citizens suffering in them. The cries fell on deaf ears, though, as Obama preferred to enjoy his downtime rather than act presidential.

Of course, Obama has nothing to lose. He’s not running again. Hillary is another story, though.

For a person who’s running for the highest office in the land, she seems highly complacent regarding Louisianians who have lost so much.

Donald Trump realized the significance of the tragedy unfolding and visited the state with a tractor-trailer full of goods for those who have lost everything.


As many as 13 people have died in the flooding. Over 30,000 people have been rescued, and 40,000 homes have been damaged or destroyed.

Hillary’s failure to show empathy for the people of Louisiana may in fact cost her the election.

Americans don’t want someone who doesn’t care about their plight during natural or man-made disasters. They want to know their leaders are there with them, doing all that they can to help, and that they care enough to at least visit them in their time of need.

From Hillary taking massive amounts of money in speaking fees, taking donations from Muslim countries with horrible human rights track records, and now raising money while so many Americans are suffering, shows that she lacks the compassion it sometimes takes to be Commander-in-Chief.

Hillary isn’t for the people, she’s for her donors. She isn’t for America, she’s for herself, and for the money.

This is Donald Trump’s biggest help to his people so far and is more than what Hillary and Obama have done in months, combined. Trump has only confirmed he possesses the needed skill, knowledge, and experience to be the next president of the United States, whereas Hillary, not unexpectedly we might add, has disappointed her countrymen, yet again.

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