While People Flip Over Trump’s “Grab ‘Em by the P****,” Video Surfaces of Bill Clinton Groping Woman

It’s been a heckuva campaign season for ‘October Surprises,” and we’re only into the first full week. So, add another one to the list—this time about Bill Clinton.

As Donald Trump supporters are fully aware, many people are upset about a 2005 video dropped by the Washington Post showing the GOP candidate and NBC host Bill Bush discussing a purported attempt to hit on a married woman.

The woman? Access Hollywood co-host Nancy O’Dell. In the video, Trump makes various crude remarks, such as “I did try and f— her, she was married” and “grab them by the p****.”

Now, video has surfaced of Bill Clinton going much further than mere “locker room talk.”

The video was posted by The Sean Hannity Show along with the following description:

The video—which appears to be from the 1992 Presidential campaign and is watermarked with an ABC logo—shows Clinton putting his hand between the legs of an anonymous woman. The woman, who appears to be either a flight attendant or member of his campaign staff, quickly removes Clinton’s probing paw.

The footage itself is really quick, but it’s just a reminder that while Trump is under fire for saying lewd things, Bill Clinton has actually admitted to doing them: taking sexual advantage of an intern in The White House is but one case among dozens.

Trump, for example, has re-tweeted striking rape allegations made by Juanita Broaddrick. It seems that Hillary Clinton’s campaign is not quite as vocal about those charges, however.

Hillary Clinton has also been called into question by a rape victim who claims that she was smeared by Clinton while she was a lawyer.

After the trial, Hillary Clinton can be heard laughing while mentioning the fact that she knew the rapist was guilty. So much for the argument that Bill and Hillary Clinton are superior candidates to Donald Trump, especially when it comes to character.


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