White House Claims China Was The Reason Trump Won Election, Moves Fast to Correct

White House press secretary Josh Earnest had a hilarious slip of the tongue on Monday when he accidentally claimed that China had perpetrated malicious cyber attacks against the United States to throw the presidential election to Republican nominee Donald Trump, according to Downtrend.

In a video published Monday, Earnest claimed that he tried to present “objective facts” in the Russian cyber attack allegations — an impossible feat for the White House to do.

The video began with Earnest saying that someone, presumably the White House or Earnest himself, was going to “avoid responding to some of the charges on the president-elect’s Twitter feed.”

“And, you know, what I’ve tried to do is just to present objective facts, and, you know, I think the objective fact that’s relevant here is the intelligence community, a month before the election, came forward and presented a unanimous view, (a) high confidence assessment, that China was engaged in malicious cyber activity to destabilize our political system,” Earnest said.

“You said China,” noted one reporter not seen on camera.

“I’m sorry, Russia,” Earnest said. “Flipping back and forth between topics. Tricky.”

Sure, sure! It’s very tricky to switch between two separate topics at the same news conference. That’s not what you do every day at all.

Here’s the video:

Here is what high-level Democrats are thinking: The Democrat Party is a demoralized, bent (but not broken) party. Higher-ups within the party desperately need something to rally around to save the morale of their party for the next election.

Enter Russian conspiracy theory.

It’s an attack on the legitimacy of the election — something Democrats need in order to believe that President-elect Donald Trump could possibly win an American election.

Sure, this was a simple slip of the tongue, but it is also an excellent example of how silly the Democrat positions are.

H/T: RedFlag News

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