WHOA! CEO of Women’s Group Makes THIS Surprise Trump Announcement

One of Hillary’s biggest and ongoing attacks against Donald Trump by Hillary has been his so-called abusive treatment of women, using a former Miss Universe winner, Alicia Machado, as an example.

In a shocking op-ed piece on Fox News, the CEO of Concerned Women for America, Penny Young Nance, penned a letter saying she does not believe Machado was victim.

The basis for her argument is that contests such as Miss Universe made no qualms about being exactly what they were, beauty pageants.

Whereas Miss America had talent competitions and awarded educational scholarships, both Miss USA and Miss Universe merely wanted its contestants to prance around in evening gowns and bathing suits to be solely judged on one thing… their appearance.

That being the case, these contestants know they are being judged on these factors and if they no longer fit the mold on which they were initially judged, well, then, criticizing them is fair game.

She also makes note that throughout his career, Trump has never exactly been delicate in the manner in which he calls people out, be it man or woman.

So, that was not a case of fat shaming or sexism, it was merely Trump calling out a contestant for what was in essence breach of contract.

However, I would be remiss if I did not mention when other people wanted Machado stripped of her title because of her weight gain, something they could have done by contract, it was Trump that stepped in and worked with her to get her weight and eating problems under control.

Machado confessed she had a disorder prior to the pageant, something Megyn Kelly called her out on the other night.

Of course, Machado said the press twisted her words and Trump was evil, but anyone that saw that interview could see she was lying again.

We also saw the actual video of the so-called fat shaming, which had Trump sticking up for Machado as well as her telling everyone how wonderful of a person Trump was for helping her.

Penny is right in that Machado was NOT a victim, but this goes much deeper than that.

Machado has sold her soul to Clinton for another 15 minutes of fame… but Americans are beginning to see this as nothing more than another Clinton lie.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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