WHOA – Donald Trump Just Revealed EXACTLY How Hillary Avoids Prison, I Agree Trump!

We have all been amazed that Hillary has been able to avoid going to jai throughout this email scandal, but it would appear the National Review figured it all out.

Donald Trump just posted on his Facebook page the main reason we have not seen any charges filed… because Obama is just as guilty as Hillary.

As you may recall, at one time, I was actually behind the FBI Director and believed he would do the right thing.

With so many rumblings that he was threatening to resign if she was not prosecuted, I was convinced something was going to happen to her.

Then he held a presser to tell us all how guilty she was but that there would be no indictment.

The result of that announcement put Comey under severe pressure by the people of this country. Most, including myself, were saying he was either scared or corrupt.

I know people that know Comey, and they tell me he is a good man, so that would lead to him being scared.

If we are to believe the story to which Trump refers in his post, Comey would not only have been afraid of the Clinton’s, but also the sitting President of the United States.

You see, Obama has been complicit in this scandal throughout, which means Hillary has been protected because we know the current Justice Department has ZERO intention of doing anything to this man. Loretta Lynch has proven to be the ultimate hand puppet.

And what, you ask, is Lynch’s incentive to toe the company line and to allow all of this to happen? Whispers of a possible Supreme Court nomination are everywhere, which would be a true nightmare for America.

If we don’t elect Trump, bad things are going to happen to our country patriots, VERY bad things, and we may NEVER be able to repair them.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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