WHOA: Hillary Makes SHOCKING Admission About Trump… This Dropped Jaws Everywhere

Hillary Clinton just made a shocking admission about Donald Trump and liberals jaws are dropping everywhere. This is an interesting campaign strategy to say the least. What was she thinking?

Donald Trump entered the presidential race as a complete underdog. No one expected him to last, let alone win the Republican Party’s primary. However, he did last and is poised and ready to claim the Republican nomination at the party’s convention in July.

Then they started saying that he couldn’t beat Hillary Clinton. Well, Trump does like a challenge and most importantly, he loves to prove people wrong. Hillary has to contend with the fact that she is not looking good as a Democratic nominee against Trump.

Many supporters of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders have vowed not to give their vote to Clinton in the general election if she does indeed become the Democratic party’s nominee. She does not stack up well in the polls against Trump and some polls even show Trump slightly ahead of her, with support in some surprising places. So then… Hillary admits this.

In a desperate plea to supporters, Hillary Clinton’s campaign stated that Donald Trump, “really, really could” win. This looks like a sad attempt to get Sanders supporters to vote for her by scaring them.

Campaign manager Robby Mook told Hillary supporters in an email that the campaign has taken Donald Trump for granted:

“One assumption seemed pretty safe: That if we were to wind up running against Donald Trump, our supporters, especially our grassroots donors, would be so horrified that they’d step up big time. It’s now been three weeks since Trump became the presumptive Republican nominee, and the fact is that isn’t happening yet,”

A desperate cry for more money to fight the “big, bad, Donald.” Comes off as truly pathetic. The email continued:

“Don’t get me wrong — you’ve been amazing, but for the time being, our fundraising is actually DOWN slightly from where it was in April. I don’t know if it’s that you think we don’t need the money yet (we do), or that Trump couldn’t possibly win (he really, really could), or if you’re just exhausted from a long primary (I don’t blame you!) — but whatever your reasons are, I am personally asking you to get up off the bench and help make sure the most extreme, erratic presidential nominee in history never makes it to the White House.”

On top of this, Hillary has her whole email scandal to contend with. I think it’s time for Hillary to admit defeat, but admitting Donald could win is a good start.

H/T Allen B. West

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