WHOA! Hillary Staffers Spill the Beans, Expose THIS About Her ‘Temper’

Is there a worse feeling in the world than being afraid of your boss? All those hours and days working with someone who is potentially violent, or verbally abusive, is stressful and dangerous. Such is the case for employees of Hillary Clinton. Her temper is legendary.

In an email released by WikiLeaks this week, Democrat Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton was exposed as a hot-headed, vicious person, to say the least. In an email exchange with campaign chairman David Podesta, Clinton adviser Neera Tanden wrote “Have her beat the s$*# out of a punch doll (or, maybe a staffer)… so she would be warm and charming in the interview.”

Apparently, prepping Hillary for an interview requires more than feeding her talking points and sizing her up for a new pantsuit. She needs to be calmed, centered, and deflated like a hot air balloon. That’s a pretty frightening thought.

Clinton’s temper has been well-known for decades. Former Secret Service agent Gary Byrne, who ironically protected the Clintons, calls her “erratic, uncontrollable and occasionally violent” in his book, Crisis of Character. He also says she has a “Jekyll and Hyde temper.”

Byrne is just one of many former staffers who have spoken out against Clinton and her temper. She has been called volcanic, impulsive, and “disdainful of the rule set for everyone else.”

Even on the campaign trail, there have been many moments where she snapped at her own fans as she worked the rope. Her own fans! Who does that? “Go to the back of the line!” she screamed at one lady.

Her anger has caused countless outbursts. She yells frequently, as we have heard with our own ears during this race to the presidency. This is beyond un-presidential! This is simply unforgivable for someone so influential to treat people like this!

Worst of all, she may be violent, as this email from WikiLeaks shows. Her own adviser, Tanden, implies that she is accustomed to hitting people in the face. Again, who does that? You can’t even do that on a school playground without major repercussions, any first-grader knows that.

Perhaps her most famous violent episode is from the 1990s when, according to Byrne and others, she allegedly destroyed a White House vase and punched Bill in the face, leaving a black eye that lasted for days. If Bill had punched her, there would have been an uproar in this country. Abuse is abuse, regardless of gender, but over Hillary’s violence, Democrats and Progressives say nothing.

Well, let’s do everything we can to send a message about Clinton’s temper! On Tuesday, let’s finish the final chapter of the Clinton years.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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