WHOA – Tim Kaine Video Surfaces That Has Hillary FREAKING OUT

After Tim Kaine’s horrific performance during the VP debate earlier this week, he is already on Hillary’s list. But now we are uncovering video after video of things that may just put him in the number one spot.

The latest Tim Kaine hit to blow up the internet has him not only fining illegal immigrants, but using that very money to increase border security…

Now, that stance is a far cry from what Kaine and Hillary are touting now, as they are adamant they want amnesty for everyone already here.

Why is this so damaging to liberals? There are two points that immediately come to mind for me.

First, it once again proves the never ending flip flopping of today’s politicians. They will say whatever they think people want to hear at the time regardless of how they actually feel about something. Keep in mind, this interview only took place in 2012… so what caused Kaine to switch so drastically?

Simply put, the position of Vice President! This man had literally sold his soul for a political position! Now, while I do not agree with all of his points, it would have been far easier to work with a liberal that held these positions than it would be the far left politician he has morphed into over the last year.

Furthermore, his position change should concern anyone voting for him. Imagine having put him into the Senate because you believed he would work to secure our borders and stop the illegal immigration problem only to find out he now wants to give blanket amnesty!

The second point of concern would be the lack of vetting done by the Hillary campaign. How many times to we have to see issues arise from her past or the past of those around her that put her campaign in jeopardy to realize she makes one bad decision after another?

If I were an on the fence liberal, I would be leaning far more in the direction of Donald Trump than I would be in Hillary. Liberals that are on the fence are more than likely NOT far left liberals, but would rather float more to the center.

While you may have been interested in Hillary and Kaine before because they walked your party line, their platform and proven flip flopping should be a major concern right now. I say this for one simple reason… you have no idea who you are getting if you elect them!

Will they deliver on the promises they are making or will they morph to solicit the votes of the all the illegal immigrants and refugees they want to bring into this country? This would concern me a LOT of I were thinking of pulling the handle for them and was not 100 percent onboard with them.

The more we find out about this ticket, the easier it should be for patriotic Americans to pull the handle for Trump and Pence come election day.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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