WHOA! What Hillary Told Goldman Sachs Employees Was Just Leaked, Media in Panic Mode

Hillary Clinton’s own words are starting to pile up against her, as yet another transcript tidbit was released by Wikileaks.

In one of her Goldman Sachs speeches, Clinton told the one percenters, “I represented all of you for eight years,” via Brietbart.com.

Well, Hillary what about the rest of us!

I am sure the wealthy people sitting in that audience appreciated your support while you were ignoring the rest of us in this country!

Many on both the right and left have said Hillary Clinton has no loyalty to the everyday man in this country.

In fact, this was a major point of contention for Barry Sanders, as he continuously asked for these transcripts but was constantly refused.

And now we know exactly why Hillary did not want them released!

Now, what I want you to consider is consider all the information we have seen come out over the last few days regarding these transcripts and then consider what she said behind closed doors with her other big money donors, the Middle East countries.

Hillary had to know at some point there was chance some of what she said to these groups would get out. A stray cell phone, an employee with a big mouth, because we know in this country that if it is out there, we will find out about it sooner or later.

However, I would imagine most of the promises she has made to the leaders of these middle eastern countries were in private and may have never been recorded in an email.

We do, however, know that she did in fact meet with these people and the overall attitude was that their donations to her foundation were expected to result in pay to play.

And now she wants the keys to the White House… and close to half the people in this country want to give them to her!

We have to stop her patriots, or, as you can see, our country will be run by someone that caters to the elite and leaders of countries that would sooner wipe us off the face of the planet as see us take another breath.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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