Why are liberals so upset about Donald Trump?

Why do liberal protestors and agitators have such an issue with Donald Trump? Sean sent FOX News contributor David Webb to an anti-Trump protest in Wisconsin to find out why some people are so anti-Trump.

Among some of the deeply insightful, detailed, and nuanced commentary from the protestors:

1) “He’s got too much money.”

2) “He does not support other races.”

3) “Donald Trump has accused me of (pause) whatever. No I do not. Yes I am union. Union is standing.” – Yes, that’s a direct quote which was followed by “I support Bernie Sanders 120%.”

“You don’t get much sense. You get a lot of confusion. Some people were barely coherent, and they couldn’t give me any specifics,” Webb told Sean. “You’ve got a lot of people who are forcibly parroting what’s been said.

“You should be able to say what you’re protesting and why,” Webb added.

Watch the full segment below:

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