Why I would be honored to vote for Donald Trump! {A personal story}

Donald Trump has my vote.  Yes, there is still a way to go. I do not care. I will be in line to vote for Donald Trump.

People know Donald Trump. He is brilliant, passionate, controversial, and uber successful.  Millions have watched his highly rated TV show The Apprentice. He has spent decades in the public eye.  I know him for a very different reason.

When I was 20 years old, I worked on The Trump GM Building located on 767 5th Avenue.  I was working for a company that was renovating the lobby with the finest Italian marble, money could buy.  It was a job for which I worked as the night shift foreman, overseeing a crew.  If that was not enough of a responsibility for someone that age. I had the privilege of dealing with Donald Trump directly.  Even though, this experience lasted roughly 10 months, the positive impact will last a lifetime.

Here are the reasons I would be honored to vote for Donald Trump.

1) Standard of Excellence and Attention to Detail.  I have never in my life before or since, encountered anyone or anything that is as detailed oriented as Donald Trump.  His level of perfection and his standard of excellence – is the ultimate form of mastery. This is where his Midas touch comes from, this is his “IT” factor. There were details on the renovation that passed the scrutiny of the world’s best architects, supervisors and managers. They would immediately be picked up by Donald Trump.  They were corrected immediately and after that correction the job did not only look different, it felt different.

Having this standard exemplified in me at such a young age is something I will have for me the rest of my life. I am very grateful for having this standard embedded in me by Donald Trump.

How does this skill set correlate into my vote?

Very few politicians have made accomplishments in other life areas before entering into politics. Most politicians typically go the career politician route or the “lawyer” route prior to entering politics with exceptions. However, the few that have made incredible accomplishments in other life areas tend to be majorly successful leaders in government as well.

Ronald Reagan, one of our greatest Presidents, was a Hollywood Actor. Michael Bloomberg, one of the greatest mayors of New York City founded Bloomberg. Their massive success in other areas of life correlated perfectly into a successful career in politics.

Donald Trump has been so famously successful for so long. With Donald Trump we know exactly what he has been successful with in the past, and how he bounced back from his setbacks. There is absolutely no mystery.

2) Work Ethic and Tenacity. Like I said, I worked the night shift.  Donald Trump himself would check up on the job often.  But remember I said the night shift.  He would sometimes come as late as 1 am in the morning to monitor the process.  He would also show up as early as 6 am.  He was always present with the same energy level and a wherewithal like no one else I ever met.  Never once did I not see him impeccably dressed. Always perfect, always on point, never anything other than excellent.

How does this correlate into my vote?

I know as President, Donald Trump will be fully committed to his task at hand.  He breeds success. He enjoys success, success is what makes him tick.  It will never end.  Donald Trump didn’t want to build buildings in New York City.  He wants to build the best buildings in the best city in the world. He does not merely want to be President, he wants to be the best President ever, for the best country ever in the history of the world.  He will see to it that it gets done.  Of course there is a legislative process.  The government is greater than any one man supposedly. However his presence alone breeds success therefore that alone will permeate the consciousness of the country.

3) Personality and Image.  If I never watched an episode of the Apprentice, if I never read a Tabloid, I would have had a different opinion about Donald Trump. When Donald Trump would come to the job he would interact with all people in a very friendly and personable manner.  He would smile, be polite, shake hands, and most importantly give credit where credit was due. He would also without hesitation immediately throw someone off the job if they didn’t measure up. Prior to showing up to work. I would have an extra bounce in my step knowing I was being included with the best. I was excited to be a part of a “Donald Trump” project.

How does this correlate into my vote?

Say what you want about Trump.  Maybe you don’t like his “ego.” I will address that next.  However, Trump, the word itself is used to describe a card that beats all others.  Trump’s personality and image will now be a governing force of the USA.  We will now have a President that constantly reminds us, that we are the best, and what is wrong with that.  As Americans, we do believe that we are the best nation in the world.  Don’t we? Or have we lost that? With Trump our greatness will constantly be reinforced. Our patriotic swagger will be alive and well.  We will have a restored sense of pride.  We will no longer believe we can do it but we are supposed to do it.  Our brand of the USA will once again be the biggest and best brand in the world because the biggest and best brander in the world will be the commander and chief behind it all.  We will not be apologetic.  We will be proud again.  Isn’t this where we are supposed to be?

4) Egomania, Bankruptcies. and other Controversies.  Some people like to call Trump an egomaniac. Why should we fault Trump? Donald Trump is off the charts successful. He is the best. His buildings are the best. Everything he does is the best.  He has the right to think highly of himself.

OK you disagree? Donald Trump may have an oversize ego.  Who do you think he will be dealing with on a day to day basis while President?  Most leaders in most countries in the world have a ridiculously oversized ego.  Do you think Vladmir Putin is not an egomaniac, who would destroy the USA if he could? How about the Islamic Jihadist’s?  They are hellbent on our annihilation. Donald Trump as President could deal with these guys as well as or even better than the best of them.

Let’s go to Bankruptcies.  Donald Trump was bankrupt at one time.  He wrote books about it.  In those books it also stated how he came back.  Everytime he came back, he came back even better.  This supposed black eye about him is the whole reason I would vote for him over any other reason.  Why?  That is because this country is currently bankrupt.  We have enormous trade deficits with various countries.  We have lost many jobs overseas and will continue to do so.  Our manufacturing sectors have been gutted out and sent to China, amongst other places.  I believe the best person to solve this problem is someone who has been there before and who has the blueprint.

Controversies.  The most recent controversy regarding Donald Trump’s candidacy, were his comments regarding the US-Mexican border. The basis of his argument was correct.  There is a problem at the US-Mexican border.  Major drug cartels do transport their drugs through the Mexican border.  Also there has to be a systemic measure put in place to screen new immigrants passing through our southern border.  We are jeopardizing the national security of the USA by having a porous border. It is more important to have a secure border in place to protect the interests of America and its legal tax paying citizens, first. An attribute of leadership is to sometimes take a non-politically correct stance to get to the root of the problem. That is all that was done here.

How does this correlate into my vote?

I like Donald Trump, obviously. I do not believe there could be a better time for Donald Trump to be President.  His conviction in himself will allow us to believe in ourselves again.  His extensive international business success’ as well as bankruptcies will be the perfect skillset to get our economy going again.  Our real problem with our economy starts with our country being in DEEP debt.  As proven in the past Donald Trump knows how to be in this situation and come back stronger.  He will not back down.  Donald Trump is a leader who sticks to his guns. There are going to be many more controversial issues and the leader that I want is a leader that has conviction in his beliefs and actions and will see what is right for the greater good of the nation. This was exemplified by the position he took regarding the US-Mexican border. I believe the best candidate is Donald Trump. That is why I would be honored to cast my vote for him.

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