Why Liberal Talking Point On “Muskets” Is A LIE Summed Up In One Photo


Kimberly Morin reports that because left wing loons in theatre and Hollywood still don’t get it, they have decided that during tonight’s musical performance of ‘Hamilton,’ they will not be using muskets.

Seriously, they are blaming MUSKETS even for the Islamic Terror attack that occurred on American soil today. These are the same people that coddle Islam and treat it as a protected class even though Islamic Extremists have ALWAYS targeted the gay community.

From Page Six:

Organizers didn’t say how the evening’s Tony broadcast would be affected, but “Hamilton” — the musical about Founding Father Alexander Hamilton that is expected to win big — will drop its use of muskets in its performance, according to a spokesman for the musical.

Performers who have strong ties to the gay community like Donna Murphy and Audra McDonald took to Twitter to express their outrage over the attack. Lin-Manuel Miranda, the star and creator of “Hamilton” tweeted a rainbow-colored heart with “Orlando” written beneath it.

Josh Groban, who plans to star on Broadway this fall, tweeted: “We mourn but stand tall.” Tony nominee Cynthia Erivo simply wrote: “Sending thoughts to Orlando.”

The performance from the revival of “Spring Awakening,” featuring a mix of hearing and deaf performers, was dedicated to the victims. The show’s director, Michael Arden, called the attack “senseless.”

Clearly these people don’t know history. Jefferson was fighting Islamic Extremists back in 1801. The United States, under Democrat rule, HASN’T been fighting Islamic Extremism. Democrats won’t even say the words.

So rather than fight against what is CLEARLY an issue in the United States, the gay community is going to allow themselves to be pawns used to push more gun control. This at a time when an Islamic Extremist specifically targeted the gay community who were defenseless in a gun free zone.

The gay community better wake up and realize that their enemies aren’t only Islamic Extremists but the Democrat Party who chooses to protect Islam over them.

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