WikiLeaks Drives the Nail Into Clinton’s Coffin – TIME FOR PRISON!

The latest WikiLeaks email dump featured a host of messages between Hillary Clinton’s campaign staffers from February 2015. One string of emails might just spark a new criminal investigation into the actions of the political power couple Bill and Hillary Clinton and their Clinton Foundation.

An email from Bill Clinton’s personal chief of staff, Tina Flournoy,  to John Podesta, Hillary’s campaign manager, with the subject header “endowment,” read, “Foreign govt donors: all the money is in.” 

The endowment Clinton’s chief of staff is referencing appears to have been an announcement of foreign funds being delivered to the Clinton Foundation. The money was reportedly placed in the foundation’s global charity to help sustain it for at least four years in case Hillary Clinton won the election, Breitbart reports.

The acceptance of foreign money into the Clinton Foundation proves Hillary Clinton broke her promise to Barack Obama about fully disclosing all of the funding sources for the charity.

A New York Times report confirms Hillary violated the “Memorandum of Understanding” she signed regarding foreign donations throughout her entire tenure at the State Department. 

The email’s date reportedly coincides with news headlines announcing the origins of the Clinton Foundation’s quarter billion endowment. The news came before intense scrutiny of the foundation’s foreign donors during Hillary Clinton’s secretary of state tenure was finally launched by the mainstream media.

Although the Clinton Foundation’s coffer grew fat while Hillary headed the State Department, the donor amounts reportedly grew significantly after she left the post and started her presidential run. Since 2013, the Clinton Foundation endowment has grown from $20 million to $250 million.

Dennis Cheng has been credited with the substantial growth of the Clinton Foundation endowment funding from foreign donors. He joined the foundation staff in 2011.

According to the foundation spokesman, Cheng “led our efforts to secure the foundation’s future by raising a $248 million endowment.” Last year, Cheng left the Clinton Foundation to go to work as the financial director for Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Some of the top donors came from Oman, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. The donations from those nations ranged from $12 to $35 million each. And I think it is pretty safe to assume that if they are shelling out that kind of cash, they are expecting something in return!

Hillary Clinton cannot be trusted. She truly believes she is above the law, and the mainstream media and Justice Department further that elitist belief. America is not for sale. We cannot afford to allow another lying Clinton to govern the United States!

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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