WikiLeaks Drops 1200 NEW Emails On Hillary – CNN, ABC, MSNBC Instantly Do THIS

The mainstream media are at it again, folks! The vast left-wing conspiracy to elect Hillary Clinton is now in an unabashed full swing. Silly partisan pundits—the American people already know we can’t trust you!

WikiLeaks just dropped another 1,200 shocking Hillary Clinton campaign emails, and the second through fourth ranked news networks are not giving them any air time.

CNN, ABC, and MSNBC do not want to do a single thing that could hurt their gal. Instead of doing what real journalists are supposed to do—report the news—the three networks are circling the wagons and doing their best of keep as many Americans in the dark as possible.

The Hillary Clinton campaign email leaks paint a clear picture of the hypocrisy, above-the-law arrogance, and self-serving interests of the Democrat career politician. Exposing corruption and investigating politicians and their statements USED to be a top priority for journalists.

The information in the emails recently dropped by Julian Assange are not a trivial matter no matter how much the mainstream media want We the People to believe it is. Sharing classified details about the Osama bin Laden raid with foreign donors is

a huge no-no.

The CNN, ABC, and MSNBC investigative reporters should be pouring over the 1,200 new emails with a magnifying class and questioning the candidate and her staff about the contents. The FBI and Justice Department should be doing the same, but we all now that isn’t going to happen.

Here’s an excerpt from one email to Hillary’s campaign manager, John Podesta. The Clinton staff wanted the Illinois primary moved in an effort to better highlight the Democrat.

“Our preference would be for them to move all the way to May, but if they at least move to April 12 or April 19, they will have the day to themselves and presumably garner a lot of coverage. They will also be influencing a big northeast primary day on April 26.”

The proposed move was supposed to offer a “lifeline to moderate Republicans” to draw them away from casting a ballot for Donald Trump. The Illinois Democrat party was reportedly offered a “bonus of 10% extra delegates if they move[d] to April and 20% if they move[d] to May,” but they didn’t change the date, as it had already done so in 2008.

“They don’t really care about being helpful and feel forgotten and neglected by POTUS,” the Hillary staffer continued. “The key point is that this is not an Obama ask but a Hillary ask. And the Clintons won’t forget what their friends have done for them.”

The Illinois primary date remained unchanged, and Clinton won 25,000 more votes than Bernie Sanders. Donald Trump once again earned the majority of Republican delegates in the GOP primary.

The biased networks, instead of focusing on huge corruption revelations, are focusing on inane celebrity news like Janet Jackson being prego at 50, the latest Kardashian nonsense, and, of course, the latest batch of Donald Trump bashing.

The various stations and their equally biased “experts” are repeatedly telling their dwindling audience how “dangerous” Donald Trump would be if elected. Hillary abandoned Americans in Benghazi, mishandled sensitive classified information, lied about it, accepted foundation donations from our enemies—and Trump is the dangerous one?

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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