Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange Says Next Week, Hillary’s Campaign Will Be OVER

How does Sean Hannity get these interviews and how does he do them so masterfully that he gets people to say exactly what the world needs to hear? He’s a true craftsman.

Hannity had Julian Assange on his program to talk about many things. After all, Assange is a many who KNOWS many things, but even someone who founded the foremost authority on leaked information has some secrets and things that he does not want to say.

Well, leave it to Hannity to pry it out of him with a brilliant line of questioning.

Assange essentially just equated what Hillary Clinton, along with the liberal media, is doing to the United States as brewing a “demon climate.”

Have a listen.

I mean, have any truer words ever been spoken? Clinton and the liberals are crafting stories to make terrorist groups, both foreign and domestic, look like less of a threat than they actually are, all the while celebrating a known pathological liar and possible criminal? That is the most demon environment I’ve ever heard of outside of hell itself!

Assange brings up valuable points here. He sees what Hillary is doing, yet the FBI couldn’t? The system needs to be changed so that candidates and people like Hillary Clinton cannot get back to the echelons that she has aspired to.

You all know what you have to do this November. Vote Trump and put Hillary behind bars!


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