Wikileaks Releases 23K New Hillary Emails That Prove Something SINISTER

FBI Director James Comey asserted two things in deciding not to prosecute Hillary Clinton that are important to note:

First, that only a “very small number” of email sent and received by Clinton “bore markings indicating the presence of classified information” and that Clinton was not “technically sophisticated” enough to understand what the classification marking system meant. By the way, the “marking” that Comey is talking about is a capital “C” in parenthesis, like this: (C).

This is important because as Secretary of State, Clinton not only must have known how the incredibly clear marking system worked, but as an “original classification authority,” she is actually charged with deciding what information is classified or not.

WikiLeaks has obtained 23,025 documents officially listed as “classified” in Clinton’s first year as secretary.

What we learn by perusing these documents is that the “(C)” marking that Hillary Clinton is apparently not sophisticated enough to understand is so obvious on the documents –and in the beginning of every paragraph, that it boggles the mind anybody with the cognitive ability above a toddler wouldn’t either understand what they meant – or ask what they meant.

Here’s a screenshot of one of the documents:


As you can see, the memo BEGINS with the words “CLASSIFIED BY” and has the “(C)” marking at the beginning of the memo.

In fact, there are markings at the beginning of every paragraph of every memo. If the paragraph is “confidential,” it’s marked with a “(C),” if it’s not, it’s marked “unclassified,” or “(U)” – like this:


Comey might not have been absolutely certain that Hillary Clinton didn’t understand what the “(C)” meant, but if she didn’t, she’s not qualified to tie her own shoes, let alone run the country. After reading more than two of these documents, anyone who isn’t “sophisticated enough” to understand what the “(C)” meant and didn’t ask about it doesn’t have the intellectual curiosity of a squirrel.

Finally: We don’t know where WikiLeaks got these documents from, but if more than a “very small number” of them came from Hillary’s server, then the FBI director has a lot more explaining to do than how stupid he thinks Hillary Clinton is.

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