WikiLeaks Unleashes BOMB That Every Minority Needs to See Before Voting

“The Democrat party is the party of tolerance” is the lie of the decade. They do not support minorities, except when they are looking for votes. Now, a new Wikileaks email has demonstrated just how racist this party has become.

In October 2015, an email was within the Clinton campaign, which discussed NAACP dinner in Charleston. One of the Clintonites replied with a snide, racist comment regarding black Americans and crack cocaine. 


So, who are the racists in this country? The Democrats love to paint their GOP counterparts as bigots, but it’s they who are racist.

Democrat policies are created to keep generations of blacks and Latinos dependent on the government through free handouts.

Remember the Obama phone lady in 2012? That is a glaring example of this principle. Democrats essentially give out free stuff and get votes in return.

Does this allow people to succeed? No! What it does instead is continue to keep minority groups in poor neighborhoods and keep their children in poor schools. If their child falls behind richer children, these parents blame the Republicans, the party of opportunity, rather than the Democrats who have kept them down for generations. Just consider Detroit.

Let’s look at the real roots of the Republican and Democrat Parties.

First of all, the Republican party was founded to combat racism and slavery. During the Civil War era, they were even called “Radical Republicans” because they not only wanted to end slavery, but they also desired to give African Americans full citizenship rights.

Fast forward to the Civil Rights era of the late 1950’s to mid 60’s. Many deluded liberal Democrats will claim that the parties “switched” during this time. That is, many of the more educated liberals realized their party’s dubious history and thus decided to say they’ve changed. They used Barry Goldwater as one example.

However, Goldwater’s opposition to Civil Rights wasn’t based on racism—in fact, he thought the Civil Rights Act would have reduced the rights of black Americans and was unconstitutional. Of his vote against the Civil Rights Act, he later said, “This was the only Civil Rights Bill in years I couldn’t vote for. It did contain two items I thought were unconstitutional.”

The parties never “switched.” The racist liberals in the Democrat party simply decided to go with more subversive means of achieving their racist ends. Drugs? They don’t care if black people are on drugs! After all, it feeds right into their welfare state.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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