Winston Churchill’s Response To Islam Puts Obama To Shame! (MUST SEE)

President Barack Obama is a former Constitutional law professor who went to some of the best schools in America. So if he is so well-educated, why can’t he use the most obvious words to describe the biggest threat to national security?

President Obama lacks the moral courage to use the phrase “radical Islam” or “radical Islamic terrorism” because of political correctness. He wants to pander to Muslim voters, and pretend that ISIS doesn’t act in the name of the Islamic faith.

But there was a time when world leaders stood up to radical Islam, and boldly! Look at what Sir Winston Churchill wrote about the so-called “religion of peace” back in 1899.

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Via Goodreads

Churchill changed the world in his efforts against Nazi Germany. And if America had a leader as brave as Churchill today, then the horrible attacks in Orlando and California would have never happened.

America needs a bold leader who is fearless when speaking out against America’s enemies. It’s time for a new President in the White House.

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