Wisconsin exit poll numbers show 70 percent agree with Donald Trump on one issue

Ashor Nona said: Dear Wisconsin voters, PLEASE READ THIS. I am a PROUD AMERICAN, a CHRISTIAN who ran away from Iraq 47 years ago. PLEASE believe me when I tell you, Islam and the Illegal aliens are going to destroy this nation. I have lived under Islam and have seen the EVIL it brings. The GOP leadership DO NOT give a damn. They are ALL Millionaires and we the hardworking American suffer. PLEASE TAKE THIS CHANCE and change your nation. VOTE FOR TRUMP. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. Do not let these BLOOD SUCKERS con you and scare you. YOUR NATION NEEDS YOU. For those who do not like AMERICA, you can leave anytime.

WI exit polls: 70% support for Trump’s moratorium on entry of non-U.S. Muslims to the US – ABC polls.

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