With 1 Announcement, Trump Just Pulled Rug Out From Under Every Dem Candidate

Liberals have claimed that conservatives lack compassion in our politics, that we determine policy without using our hearts, and many believed that a Donald Trump administration would perpetuate that stereotype of a heartless GOP.

The presumed Republican presidential nominee, however, expressed something quite the opposite in an interview with Breitbart. Trump explained that to run the country, a president needs “heart.”

Trump had been asked about the differences and similarities between managing Trump’s successful business and managing the United States of America.

His response was something we will likely hear many times over the course of the next few months from the Trump campaign as he battles it out against presumptive Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton.

In addition to his opponent being “crooked,” Trump has now given Clinton a second nickname — “Heartless Hillary.”

Trump will undoubtedly continued these two themes of Clinton’s tendency to lie and misleading all the way to the general election as he presents himself as America’s “champion.” In doing so, the GOP candidate will have to show Americans that, unlike Clinton, he has “heart.”

“I’ve always been a great manager, but the difference is you’re going to have to manage with heart,” he explained in the Breitbart interview. “When you run a country, you have to have more heart than when you manage a company.”

Trump then listed reasons why “heart” is so important to a presidency.

“You have people that need help. You have people that are sick. You have people that need medical help and medical care. You have elderly,” he said.

Whether or not the candidate “cares” about people has proven in the past to be a major dividing point. For example, exit polls from the 2012 presidential election showed that then-GOP nominee Mitt Romney only garnered 18 percent of the vote in this category. Meanwhile, his rival, President Barack Obama, received 81 percent.

And we all know how that election turned out.

It certainly won’t be easy for Trump, though, as he battles scathing claims from the other side that he is racist, homophobic, sexist, and virtually any other negative trait liberals can think of to slam him.

Even some conservatives may question Trump’s commitment to these ideals, citing former President George W. Bush’s “compassionate conservatism” that had something to do with compassion but very little to do with conservatism.

When it comes to a battle for votes, the battle for people’s hearts will certainly make a difference. Democrats likely did not expect to hear Trump talk about having “heart,” but it could be the deciding factor between him and Clinton.

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